“Disturbance” – A Snapshot in a New Reality – Rulli Torres Fashion Exhibition

Rulli Torres is an Innovative Fashion Designer. Attending both NorthWest Arkansas Community College and the University of Arkansas where he received a degree in Fashion Design. Since his move to Dallas, Rulli has produced numerous Fashion Shows benefiting non-profits responsible for raising funds for Breast Cancer Awareness, HIV, ALS, Battered Women’s Shelters, and Foster Children. You’ve probably heard of DIFFA/Dallas, right? Of course! Well, guess what: Rulli’s been an avid participant for years.

Rulli Torres is best known for his elegant and glamorous evening looks; however, he doesn’t let that hold him back when challenging the limits of pop-culture inspired designs. This creative ingenuity came in hand during the early days of March 2020 as COVID-19 began to disrupt daily lives of the public. Rulli was faced with a choice: Either close his shop and send his team home or tap into his creative thread of innovation. The team stood by, thread and needle in hand, ready to take action. Mr. Torres quickly identified a growing need and almost immediately his team began production of the dual-purpose fashion mask. The orders flooded in as Rulli listed designs. Most people would have stopped there but he has a passion for giving back to the community. True to his generous nature, Rulli donated thousands of masks to local and national hospitals. Initially, he was criticized for creating the masks, but he pushed forward. He had a plan and he was determined to carry it out. The production and donations of his products kept his business afloat, supported the families of his team, and helped thousands in need.

In the past, Rulli had organized the annual Rulli Torres Pink Fashion Show benefiting Breast Cancer survivors. This year, he decided to produce one for the survivors of COVID-19. When he first presented the idea to his team, everyone looked at him as though he’d lost his mind. Rulli told them that this would be a non-traditional fashion show: a gallery style show to keep everyone safe while following COVID-19 guidelines for 6 ft social distancing protocol. An event greeter will be placed at each entrance to check guests’ temperature before they enter the exhibit. All will wear a mandatory face mask, including models. Each guest would have a maximum of 20 minutes to enjoy the entire show and then exit. The exhibition will be be a mock-up of pop culture as if one was going to a grocery store. Rulli further went on to express his vision: 6ft social distancing stickers placed throughout the exhibit and about 15 COVID-19, related installations in total. Once everyone saw his vision they decided to jump on “Disturbance” – A Snapshot in a New Reality! – A Rulli Torres Fashion Exhibition. Tickets are available on PREKINDLE and at the door the day of the event for $20, Sunday September 6, 2020, 1pm-5pm at Urban Arts Center 807 Hutchins RD, Dallas, Texas 75203

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